Inspiring Ideas for Your Patio

Inspiring Ideas for Your Patio

We are about to embark on the process of designing and constructing our “ideal” backyard. When we bought our house, there were a lot of things that needed to be done to it, such as the landscaping, but that was one of the reasons we loved it so much. Because of this, there is now room for us to leave our mark on our new space. It has been exciting to consider the possibility of having a hand in creating something that will play such an important role in our lives. 

Naturally, we have idealistic conceptions of what it is that we want; after all, who doesn’t? We also have some ideas that are grounded in reality. We have compiled a large amount of ideas, and I wanted to share them with you as quickly as possible. We are going to share some of the updates with you on a more gradual basis each month, and we are also going to share some fantastic do-it-yourself projects as we move forward with this project. 

Having said that, I wanted to emphasize some of the fundamental aspects of how our outdoor space is going to change over the course of the upcoming seasons. My objective is to not only demonstrate to you my vision but also to distill all of the aforementioned inspiration into a path that is comprehensible to both of us. 

Now that we have purchased our first home, here are some of the most important goals that we want to achieve during the spring and summer of our first year as homeowners. There are some things that are sexy, and there are other things that are definitely not sexy. To tell you the truth, I seriously doubt that any of you are interested in hearing about how we dug a drainage canal, graded our yard, or dismantled our chain link fence. 

We will definitely link to any blogs or YouTube channels that demonstrate how to carry out the aforementioned tasks in the appropriate manner; however, our email subscribers may receive some of the behind-the-scenes information, and some videos may show the less enticing aspects of making all of this happen. It’s time to shut up. Let me show you how we intend to take our regular deck and transform it into something that would be at home in contemporary California, as well as how we intend to transform some other important aspects of our yard. 

In addition to this, we are thinking about developing a do-it-yourself vertical garden kit that can be used in any climate. My objective is to simplify things for you and make achieving this goal less difficult. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have the confidence to take on a new project in your own outdoor space that you have been unsure of how to tackle. We are not in the least bit professional, but we intend to learn as we go, make some mistakes, and then correct those mistakes. You not only learn some helpful advice but also get to experience the results. 

Does it sound like fun to you? Cool! I am relieved to see that we are all on the same page. Before beginning construction on a patio or deck in your yard, you should first conduct a soil test to determine whether or not the area requires stabilization of the soil. Only then should you move forward with the construction. In addition, you might want to consider purchasing Aluminum Deck Railing Systems in order to construct a protective railing all the way around your patio or deck. 

Here are some ideas that we have been mulling over for our soon-to-be ideal garden and backyard space

The following are some of the highlights

  • The color scheme that will be used throughout the yard will be natural woods and blacks. It is all supposed to have some sort of connection to nature in its most basic form, which is really the heart of contemporary design. 
  • plants of agave as well as numerous varieties of grasses and herbs, if at all possible. I adore the variety of textures, as well as the dry atmosphere created by all of these plants. 
  • Our dining area won’t be in the grass, but rather it will be set up on patio stones in our backyard, the exact location of which has not yet been determined. 
  • In order to upgrade from the chain link fence that is currently encircling the yard, we have decided to construct a horizontal fence out of cypress instead. We are hoping that this will make our dogs more quiet and give us more privacy in the city. 
  • We are nearly finished installing the lounge seating on the deck, which will bring that area’s outdoor space to its full potential. 
  • At the moment, we already possess a table for dining; however, in order to complete the ambiance of our dining area, we need to install retractable roof systems in Melbourne. 
  • Between our home and the location of our studio as it is now, there will be a new outdoor space with a fire pit. For drainage reasons, this will be on concrete or gravel; we are still determining which of these two surfaces will work best for us. The local supplier of OSMA guttering provides me with all of the drainage products that I require to meet my needs. 
  • There are no hints as to what will be significantly altering our space, but we do intend to create the simple deck vibes that are pictured above. 
  • The current structure of our deck requires some minor repairs, as well as an upgraded privacy screen that is facing the street. Our solution will be this slatted screen purchased from Brick House, which will also incorporate our vertical garden. 
  • I wanted to let everyone in on what we are planning on doing this summer and spring because a lot of it will start to also be shared here as well as on our social channels. There will be more information forthcoming, but I wanted to let everyone in on what we are doing now so that you can be prepared. I am curious about the things related to your garden and lawn that particularly pique your interest, and I would love to hear about them. Do you have any do-it-yourself projects or easy hints and tips that you’d like us to cover as part of our process?